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Tired of seeing yourself or your elders struggle to read tiny print? Do you have bad eyes or macular degeneration? Then it is time to find the best extra large magnifying glass. It can be the difference between reading or traveling with maps with ease, or even just being able to read your pill bottles. We will examine ten of the best of them.

10. Magnifying Glass with Lights BearMoo

Magnifying Glass with Lights BearMoo 

BearMoo’s magnifying glass with lights is a lit, small magnifying glass that is ideal for jewelry. The lens is crystal with high clarity. The three inch lens (which is 3X and 45X magnification) makes for a great quality image without the distortions. It is very well made and has well designed plastic, and is lightweight and portable. The handle is neither too heavy or too tight, and is quite comfortable. It only weighs 5.8 ounces, so there is little chance of your arms or hands getting tired. The light is bright and evenly distributed. It is exactly what you need for fine details and precision, and has two levels of magnification. The LED lights shine brightly so you don’t have to move it around to focus on what you are doing. BearMoo has also made the batteries easy to change, so that even people with limited mobility won’t have a problem doing it.

9. BearMoo 5.5″ Extra Large Magnifying Glass with Light 2X Lens 5X Zoom Jumbo Lighted Magnifier Glass

BearMoo 5.5" Extra Large Magnifying Glass with Light 2X Lens 5X Zoom Jumbo Lighted Magnifier Glass

BearMoo’s 5.5 inch extra large magnifying glass comes with a light as well. This one has a 5.5 inch lens, and with its 2X and 5X magnification lens, it gives you a less distortions as well as a broad field of vision. This is also lit with 3 LED lights which are very bright and create an evenly lit view. Weighing in at 7.4 ounces, your hand will not get tired from holding it. The handle is a very sturdy plastic, and the lens itself is clear and scratch resistant. It is wonderful for hobbies as well as professionals, and will help you view fine details in just about anything. They also offer a 100% guarantee, with a no questions asked refund if you are unhappy.

8. MagniPros Jumbo Size Magnifying Glass Wide Horizontal Lens(3x Magnification)

MagniPros Jumbo Size Magnifying Glass Wide Horizontal Lens(3x Magnification)

MagniPros jumbo size magnifying glass is quite unique in it’s features. It has a large magnifying lens, but you can use it for both horizontal and vertical viewing. This ensures that you don’t have to frequently move your hands. It has three times magnification, and is shockproof as well as scratch resistant. It is also excellent for long reading periods because of it’s lightweight design. In fact, it has half the weight of other five inch magnifying glasses. It has 3X magnification. It is shatterproof, and its high quality lens is fantastic for looking at small maps and other reading material.

7. DR Magnum Magnifying Glass

DR Magnum Magnifying Glass

DR Magnum’s magnifier is 3X and 45X with three LED lights. The 45X with the LED lights makes for great night reading. It is handheld and scratch resistant. It is both comfortable and durable. The magnifier will take away the annoyance of not being able to see the small print on coupons or any other type of reading. This magnifying glass has proven extremely popular and only needs three AAA batteries. They are so sure that you will be happy with their product that they offer a 100% full refund without bothering you with questions.

6. Insten 10X Handheld 10X Magnifier Magnifying Glass with Handle for Science

Insten 10X Handheld 10X Magnifier Magnifying Glass with Handle for Science

Insten’s 10X handheld magnifying glass with a handle is great for many reasons. It is made with very high quality metal and optical glass lenses. It magnifies by 10X. It is ideal for many things. You can use it at home for reading and science projects, as well as many hobbies. It is also useful at the office and for travel.

5. Magnifier 3 LED Light

Magnifier 3 LED Light

Marrywindix magnifier has a three LED light, and is a small handheld magnifying glass meant for jewelry and watchmaking. The large lens is 3X and the small lens is 15X, and it’s design ensures a better lighting. There is a switch to turn the light on and off, and is excellent for evaluating jewelry, looking at circuits, and of course, reading. It’s handle is comfortable to grip, and is compact, lightweight and portable, and very stylish.

4. Fancii Large LED Lighted Handheld 2X Magnifier with 3.5X Zoom

Fancii Large LED Lighted Handheld 2X Magnifier with 3.5X Zoom

Fancii’s large LED lit handheld 2X magnifier has a 3.5X zoom feature, and is an oversized 5.5 inch magnifying glass that also lights up. It is shatterproof and resists scratches. The 5.5 inch with 2X magnification is meant for books and computer screens, while the 3.5X is meant for extremely tiny texts, pictures, and objects. It is tough enough for kids to use them for their science experiments, while still being portable. Fancii’s magnifier comes with a soft storage pouch and cleaning cloth. With three LED lights in the handle, the light is so strong that it can also be a flashlight. Now that is strength! It is worth the 4 AAA batteries. They don’t hassle you if you aren’t happy with their product, and will give you a 100% refund if you aren’t happy.

3. Magnifying Glass [3x 10x 45x w/ 3 LED Lights] Handheld Magnifier for Reading Maps

Magnifying Glass [3x 10x 45x w/ 3 LED Lights] Handheld Magnifier for Reading Maps

Magnified’s magnifying glass has three LED lights, and magnifies by 3X by 10X by 45X. It is handheld and awesome for reading maps and jewelry repair. You can see the most miniature details with it’s 15X magnification. It can be switched on and off quickly, and is made to be held easily. It is also very compact.

2. LED Magnifying Glass 10X + 5X Illuminated 2 Lens set

LED Magnifying Glass 10X + 5X Illuminated 2 Lens set

iMagnify’s LED magnifying glass, which is a bright two lens set is also of good quality. It’s lenses can be changed, it lights up, and comes with a free cleaning cloth. It is lightweight and comes with a rubber handle, all while being sturdy. It is made with high quality glass. The two lenses are a 3.5 inch lens that magnifies by five, and a two inch lens that magnifies by ten. iMagnify’s handheld magnifier is great for many reasons. It has a 100% lifetime warranty, and is useful for many other things aside from reading. You can use it for maps, jewelry, watch and computer repair, as well as using it for your hobbies, including stamp collecting. It needs three AAA batteries, but is quite worth it because you can read very easily at night as well.

1. Carson 5x MiniBrite LED Lighted Slide-Out

Carson 5x MiniBrite LED Lighted Slide-Out

The Carson 5X mini Bright LED Lighted Slide Out is an excellent product. It provides 5X magnification and an LED light that is built in. It comes with a free protective sleeve. Carson’s magnifying glass is lightweight and compact, making it easily portable. The lens is crystal clear, and your reading material will benefit from it’s clear, sharp and distortion free magnification. It has a lens cover that slides up to protect it. Best of all, it also comes with a limited lifetime warranty. This magnifying glass is great for those whose vision is low. It only requires three AAA batteries.


We all have elders who are either suffering from macular degeneration, or poor eyes due to aging. Maybe you have to squint just to see fine details yourself. Any one of these products can help you or your loved ones have an easier time and relax enough to enjoy their favorite activities again. These are some of the best large magnifying glasses on the market, so you should be able to find one to suit your needs.

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  1. Lynda Armstrong July 1, 2022 at 1:50 pm

    I need a magnifying glass/plastic sheet to be held in a lightweight frame 30″ width x 14″ high. It must be able to attach securely to a music stand and be capable of being adjustable so it can be moved closer to or further from the music pages that would be sitting on the music stand. Is there such an item on the market that you know of, and do you have any suggestions as to who could develop this device. With all the seniors playing musical items these days, it may be a cool device to sell.

  2. I want a LARGE lens. All I can find is a 5.5 inch lens because that is the biggest lens that China can make. Its a simple product. Hard to screw up. There are 1001 brands all selling a 5.5 inch lens. Hmmmm. What does that tell you? It tells me that China has not seen the need to produce a bigger lens. 5.5 inches is the sweet-spot in the market and EVERYBODY wants the sweet-spot. See in America, manufacturers would try to “hit ’em where they ain’t” which is an old saying in baseball that says if the batter can hit the ball to a part of the field where there is no fielder then the batter will get on base. Chinese don’t think that way but they should. I had a similar problem trying to find a pair of scissors that would fit my hand. 99% of all scissors are made in China.. The scissors they produced fit a Chines hand but not an American hand. They didn’t realize there was a difference. I tried dozens of scissors but most allowed only a thumb & 2 fingers. Tried buying a pair of SUPER EXTRA large scissors. I got a thumb & 3 fingers in. FINALLY somebody in China figured it out. I’m 6 foot 1. I have large lands. NOT extra large. NOT super large. Just large. NOT unusually large. Finally found a pair that fit my hand. Thumb + 4 fingers. Make a magnifying lens 7 inches and the world will beat a path to your door.

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